JINGGE DONG – “A Rockstar at the Art Academy”

I’m in the garden of the wonderful Guggenheim Museum in Venice, listening to a live interview of Caparezza, an Italian rapper and artist, while he’s being sit on the marmoreal throne of the owner Peggy. It’s the 21st of May, and in just three days it’s going to be the 50th anniversy of that famous … Continua a leggere JINGGE DONG – “A Rockstar at the Art Academy”

Veronica Brugnerotto – Undressing the Realism

While I’m on my way to interview Veronica, I feel a little bit nervous. This is going to be my first interview, and only wielding a small notebook and a half-working pen, I’m getting closer to my appointment, surrounded by a shiny blue sky. After we met, this girl with a shy attitude but with … Continua a leggere Veronica Brugnerotto – Undressing the Realism